Vienna, May 17, 2016

Thanks to Steff G in Vienna for the great pix he sent to us recently. They were shot for webzine, Pavlov's Dogs, when James was there back on May 17 with Les Contortions.

Fan art from Portland

We're loving this fan-art sent to us by Aaron L. out of Portland. You can follow him on Instagram at @ark_vandelay. Does anyone else have some home made tributes to Mr. Chance?


Teenage Jesus & the Jerks photo rarities by David Baumbach, NYC, 1976

Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, 1976, by David Baumbach. From left: Lydia Lunch, Bradley Field, Rek, James Chance.
From the same session - James Chance, 1976, by David Baumbach.


Previously unpublished Contortions photos unearthed!

James Chance by Gross & Daley

Thanks to Gross & Daley for submitting these previously unpublished shots of the Contortions in rehearsal in the late 70's, as well as the priceless shot of James wearing big ears. Visit their website at http://grossanddaleyportraits.blogspot.com.

The Contortions by Gross & Daley

The Contortions by Gross & Daley

The Contortions by Gross & Daley


James Chance social media update

We just began an Instagram account for James: https://www.instagram.com/jameschanceofficial. And don't forget to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.